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Giancarlo SANTIGLI Owns and operate MultiBuy for the past 23 Years.

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Multibuy have two offices, One office is base in Rome and the other Office is based in Malta.

Are you thinking of Joining MultiBuyWorld? First read the entire review than you decide if this is for you or not.


Multibuy’s  History and How they started?

Multibuy Was founded way back in 1994. They were started marketing card with offset printing, thermography and screen printing, coding service, customisation using photos, mailing and shipping, signature panel and photo composition. They moved into Fidelity card and created multibuy website www.multibuy.it

This is where commercial enterprises joined them to use their website to sell their product. Also in 1994 they installed electronic payment system in 130 holiday village as classic POS and then with online software TRAVELCARD (Payment card)

Now Multibuy develop management software for commercial activities such gyms, club, village, hotels.. fully customizable.

With Multibuy success they are now launching MultiBuy world to expand globally and bring Advertising revenue to as a revenue sharing model.


  • Euro Credited

This is the key to access a whole series of advantage in online shopping and travel in Multibuy. Each euro credit worth €1 if you spend it in Multibuy. This gives exclusive discount to online shopping and booking vacation through Multibuy.

Multibuy World Review of Euro Credit usage

  • Ecommerce

This is where you can sell and buy product at local national level. Imagine this as small micro amazon.

  • Travel

MultiBuy travel offer the best travel package. You can use your credit to book Holiday directly from their platform an enjoin a massive up to 70% discount.

  • Software

This is business package where multibuy serve business with software namely travel card. This is for management of inventories, customer management and customer communication.

  • PR-Packs (this is advertising package)

What is PR pack?

This is where you buy advertising package from the company. This cost €50.00 for the 1000 View to your advertise in their platform.

Incentive of PR pack:

  1. Every PR pack you buy, Multibuy reward you 50% in the form of Euro Credit. This is a great way to acquire Euro Credit.
  2. When you watch 15 advertise per day all your PR activates to earn you €0.35 per day per number of PR packs you have in the system.
  3. Every PR Pack gives you 1000 view. This view is great for advertising other business and building brand here. In the long run to can buy as much traffic as your business need because your PR packs pays you back €0.35 per day.

Cons: The downside of every revenue sharing is that you have watch advertise every day which expose you to a lots of money making business opportunity where another affiliate advertise. Some of the affiliate do not spend time to review the opportunity, they look shiny in the surface but must don’t last long.

Compensation Plan:

Simple compensation plan. You can introduce as many people in your front line as you wish. If the people in your team bought PR package in your commssion structure is as follow:

Level 1 – %8,   Level 2 – 5%,   Level 3 – 4%,  Level 4 –  %3,   Level 5 –  2%,  Level 6 –        1%


You can join their program for FREE and only make money as commission 2 level deep if you introduced other people in the business. There is different level of fee based on the number of PR package you have in your account.

Amber:         €25 Yearly         Max number of PR pack 49, Commission 1 level deep

Sapphire:     €25 monthly      Max number of PR pack 200, Commission 2 Level deep

Emerald:      €35 monthly     Max number of PR pack 399, Commission 3 Level deep

Rubie:             €45 monthly    Max number of PR pack 599, Commission 4 Level deep

Gold:              €55 monthly    Max number of PR pack 799, Commission 5 Level deep

Diamond:       €65 monthly   Max number of PR pack 1000, Commission 6 Level deep


I have seen many revenue share come in the market and burn. The reason they don’t stay long in the market because they don’t have advertiser other than affiliate. I personally think Multibuy have solved that problem by bringing big advertiser as direct advertiser and there are also indirect advertiser. Those company spending million on their branding. Also Multibuy have their revenue coming from e-Commerce, travel and Debit Master Card, this only strengthen the position on Multibuy world in the market place:

Cons: Payout in MultiBuy World is small compare to other revenue share in the market. The strategy is to keep the company stable for study growth. Paying more than €0.5 per PR pack per day makes the revenue sharing program unstable and hence why so many revenue share company closing down with the first year.

We as a team have a unique strategy to leverage the traffic from MultiBuy World to grow our primary business. If you would like to have Multiple source of income and want to learn the best traffic source to your business Join Us by clicking on Sing Up Now button.

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More Information can be found here: http://www.elitelifestylesgroup.com/