Multibuy world office visit by leaders from around Europe

Top leaders and Network marketing shark from around Europe had a recent visit to Rome for the opening of Multibuy World Roma office. The office looks amazing office in Romefrom the picture they have posted on the Multibuy World facebook group. The CEO and shares holder of Multibuy is proudly shaking hand and socialising with leaders from around the continent.

I am so excited. There are so many revenue share sites that you don’t know the owner other than his/her picture.

Why is Multibuy World revenue share different to other top revenue share?

All other revenue share has one source of revenue to sustain themselves. 95-99% of their income comes from the sale of advertising from its affiliate. There are a few revenue shares that have started to adopt the affiliate marketing approach to either hosting domain company or amazon or launching their own digital products. The majority of people in revenue share are people who don’t do advertising nor they are familiar with affiliate marketing. The revenue from these source is not enough to sustain the out going.

The people who are attracted to revenue share are less less technical knowledge with conventional way of marketing.

Multibuy world have different source of revenues:

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel
  • Debit card Master Card
  • Revenue from corporate advertiser. Company already have affiliate link with top 50 companies globally and have long lasting relation with them. With new revenue sharing model those company advertising to wider audience around the world.

There are at least two other revenue on the pipe line for the company. Here is a quick pick of the office they just opened in Rome.

Having multiple stream of revenue and 23 years of business experience the foundation of this company is strong. Unlike other company the larger the company grow the larger the customer base grow for the company to generate revenue from the other source. This will also give the company massive exposer and there would be an organic natural growth of customer for the company because of the other product other business opportunity.

Official Business presentation:

If you thinking of registering and joining a gloabl team we would welcome to our team.

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